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Retirement Closing Out Auction Sale for Gough’s Service Centre
Saturday, October 20, 2018 • 10:00 a.m. CST

Main Street – Spy Hill, SK (Sale will be held indoors)

Note: Lorne and Sandra Gough have closed their garage and are retiring after 31 years of operation; Over 90% of this auction inventory is new. Full listing on line www.tilleys.ca including list of new tire stock; Shop phone 1-306-534-2226, Lorne’s cel 1- 306-745-7875

Ag and Auto Tires: over 110 new light truck and car tires. Many different sizes 14in to 19in; Many brands, Hankook, Hercules, Bridgestone, Pirelli, General Tire, Firestone; 8 new front steering

Ag tires; 5 Implement tires: Lawn mower tires; Selection of tire tubes., New Auto, Ag , accessories and parts: Car/truck, air, oil and fuel filters, lots of selection; Transmission filters; large assortment of auto and small engines spark plugs ; windshield wipers; Plug wires and sets with rack; Machine bushings; Rad hoses; wheel bolts and nuts; Hose clamps; Thermostat, exhaust, and misc. gaskets; O rings metric, standard, and high pressure; Heater hose ¼ in to 1 in; 20 plus brake pads; Brake hardware; Auto light bulbs, lamps and fuses; Trailer lights; auto and tractor block heaters and some cords; Brass fittings; Ignition parts; Key stock; Battery cables; Nuts, bolts, coarse and fines w/ bin; Voltage regulators; Starter drives and solenoid; A few mufflers and clamps; Hydraulic tips and treaded rod; Ag bearings; Cabinet w/ seals and bearings; universal joints:

Belts, Chains, Fluids and Crimpers: Dayco Hydraulic crimp machine, never used; Dura Krimp hydraulic machine; Large assortment of hydraulic fittings sold w/bin; hydraulic hose, ¼, 3/8, ½; Power steering and transmission fluid; 45 gal barrels of oil (parts and near full); assortment of barrel pumps; Motor oils; Large assortment of belts auto and fractional; misc. fluids and auto chemicals; Renolds roller chain, 40, 50, 60H, 80H,60-2, 50-2, 20/50, 35: Diamond roller chain, 60H-2; Economy roller chain:

Shop Equipment and Misc. items (used): Karcher steam washer; arc welder; Battery charger; Cash register; Metal storage cabinet; Sioux valve & seat grinder; Metal cut off saw; Tire rack; Bubble tire balancer; Engine rebuild stand; Metal work bench w/shop vise; Floor jack; Used 2007 Dodge Hemi motor for parts; Hydraulic engine hoist; Robinair Freon Recovery machine R134A; Assortment of useable used tires; Gas push lawn Vac; 1 ton chain hoist; Black & Decker Valve grinder; Sioux seat grinder; Exhaust pipe hyd. flaring tool; Transmission jack/gas tank stand/ transmission stand; Armature tester; Phoenix injector

Ag Tires
1 Samson Harrow track 4 (front) 11.00-16 10 ply 4 rib
3 Akuret Harrow track 4 (front) 11.00-16 12 ply 4 rib
1 American Farmer (front) 11.00-16 8 ply 4 rib
1 Treadura (front) 11.00-16 10 ply 4 rib
1 Firestone Champion (front) 7.50-16 8 ply 4 rib
1 Titan (front) 7.50-16 8 ply 3 rib
1 American Farmer imp. tire 12.5L-16.SL 10 ply
1 American Farmer imp. tire 11L-14.SL 10 ply
1 Samson imp. tire 11L-14 6 ply
1 Good Year imp. Tire 7.50-18 6 ply
1 Carlisle imp. Tire 6.70-15 6 ply

Light Truck & Care Tires
1 Federal tire SS657 155/80R13
1 Federal tire SS657 195/60R14
2 Hankook tires H725 P175/65R14
1 Hankook tire H724 P185/65R14
3 Hankook tires W409 (winter) 185/70R14
2 Dayton tires Timberline A/T P225/70R14
2 Hankook tires mileage plus GT P205/60R15
2 Hankook tires H727 P205/60R15
2 Hankook tires W409 (winter) 205/60R15
1 Hankook tire z36 LT215/75R15
1 Hankook tire Zovac HPW401 (winter) P215/75R15
4 Firestone tires FR710 225/65R16
2 Firestone tires (all season) 235/60R16
2 Hankook tires Dyna Pro AS RH03 P245/70R16
2 Hankook tires Dyna Pro AT-M RF10 255/70R16
1 Hankook tire RF04 LT245/75R16
2 Hercules tires Terra Trac 9.50R 16.5LT 8ply
1 Hankook tire Dynamic HT RH01 9.50R-16.5 8 ply
2 Yokahama Avid Envigor tires 235/55R17
2 Pirelli tires P4 P225/55R17
2 Hankook tires W419 (winter) 225/55R17
2 Hankook tiers H724 P225/60R17
2 Firestone tires FR710 P225/60R17
2 Firestone tires Destination LE2 235/65R17
4 Hankook tires milage Plus 11 (H725) P215/65R15
1 Hankook tire H724 P215/70R15
2 Pirelli tires P4 P215/70R15
1 Aurora tire RH04 P235/70R15
1 Hankook tire milage plus 11 H725 P225/75R15
2 Hankook tires H724 P235/75R15
2 Hankook tires W419 (winter) P215/60R16
2 Hankook tires W409 (winter) 215/60R16
1 Yokohama tire 7.00R15 8 ply
2 Hankook tires H727 P215/60R16
1 Aurora tire H715 P215/65R16
1 Pirelli tire P4 P215/65R16
2 General tire G. Max AS-03 225/50ZR16
1 Pirelli tire P4 P225/60R16
1 Hankook tire H418 P225/65R16
1 Hankook tire RA23 P225/70R16
1 Hankook tire RH03 LT 225/75R16 10 ply
2 Hankook tires RH03 P235/70R16
2 Firestone tires Destination A/T P235/70R16
3 Firestone tires Destination A/T P245/65R17
2 Hankook tires RF10 LT 245/70R17 10ply
2 Hankook tires RF10 P265/65R17
2 Hankook tires RF10 P265/70R17
4 Hankook tiers RH12 LT265/70R17 10ply
2 Bridgestone tires Dueler H/T P235/65R18
3 Hankook tires RF10 P255/70R17
4 Hankook tires RH12 P265/70R17
4 Bridgestone tires Dueler A/T RH-S P265/70R17
3 Firestone tires Destination LE2 P265/70R17
1 Hankook tires RF10 LT295/70R17 10 ply
4 Michelin tires Defender LTX M-S LT265/70R18
1 Bridgestone tire Dueler H/L P275/65R18
2 Hankook tiers RF10 LT275/70R18 10ply
4 Bridgstone tires Blizzak P245/55R19
1 Good year Eagle RS-A 255/60R19
2 Motormaster tires P205/75R14

1 Carlisle tire Turf Trac R/S 22.5X 10.00-8
1 Aenda tire Turf Boss 23x8.15-12
1 Titon tire Turf Trac A/Z 20x10.00-8
2 Carlisle tires Turf Saver 16x6.50-8
1 Carlisle tire imp. 4.80-8
1 nylon tire 400.6

Plus many unadvertised items


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